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        February,  also  known  as  the  shortest  month  of  the  year  has  no  shortage  of
        interesting facts about it. One of them is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day! According to
        the  Greeting  Card  Association  in  the  USA  alone,  an  estimated  145  million
        Valentine’s  Day  cards  are  bought  &  sent  each  year,  making  Valentine’s  Day  the
        second largest card-sending holiday of the year (more cards are sent at Christmas).
        Now  add  to  that  the  E-cards  floating  around  on  the  internet  &  social  media,  the
        Valentine’s greeting messages would be in billions across the globe. Even if this
        power of love could translate & trickle into reality, the world would surely be filled
        with  love.  Traditionally,  celebrations  around  Valentine’s  Day  are  focused  on  the
        romance between two individuals, but in the 21st century, we witness many facets
        of love and the expression of love have broken all stereotypes.

        Recently  the  definition  of  romance  found  its  new  meaning  during  the  lockdown
        when  couples  cleaned  their  homes,  cooked  and  managed  their  lives  24x7  all  by
        themselves. But, on the horizon, everyone was waiting for the luxury of stepping out
        freely  and  enjoying  the  good  things  in  life  together  with  their  loved  ones.  While   Nishith Saxena
        leisure travel has still not taken off in a big way, it is a good time to start planning                 R
        our  next  vacation  and  evaluate  options.  Since  we  are  dedicating  this  issue  to
        romance  &  love,  what  better  than  Spain  -  one  of  the  most  popular  destinations
        amongst couples of all age groups.

      Interestingly,  Spain  is  also  one  of  the
      popular  cruising  destinations  and  it  has
      some of the busiest cruise ports in Europe.
      The  following  illustration  could  help  us
      understand  better  the  size  of  the  cruise
      industry in Spain.

      Barcelona,   a   very   popular   tourist
      destination is also Europe’s largest cruise
      ship  port  with  Barcelona  Cruise  Terminal
      having   7   international   terminals   &
      Barcelona city receives more than two and
      a half million cruise ship passengers every

      While we’ll be sharing a number of activities, which the love birds of various age groups could engage in Spain, there
      is some good news around domestic waters. India’s cruise shipping is once again poised to take off in May 2021 with
      Cordelia offering several cruise options from India’s coastline. With more and more cruise companies faring well in
      their trial cruises across the globe, it is just a matter of time before we find ourselves surrounded by pristine waters,
      international cuisine & luxurious service onboard a vessel of our choice.

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