Cruise E Zine


            CRUIS-E- ZINE started in January 2015 as a newsletter which could provide important news & destination updates pertaining to cruising, passengers’ experiences, new ship launches, new routes and new promotions from various cruise lines on a monthly basis. January 2018 shall see a new & concise version of CRUIS-E- ZINE being launched entailing more relevant & concise content which would enable our guests and travel trade intermediaries to make informed choices & decisions about their cruise vacations. As always, CRUIS-E- ZINE shall remain NOT FOR PROFIT BUT FOR EDUCATION instrument and unlike any other newsletter, it shall not carry any advertisements or paid reviews. We shall continue to gather the contents for CRUIS-E- ZINE with a focus on news & updates related to cruise brands represented by Cruise Professionals LLP only due to proprietary concerns. CRUIS-E- ZINE shall be available only on an E-format. Hope you enjoy to read, like & share CRUIS-E- ZINE.

Nishith Saxena
Founder & Director
Cruise Professionals LLP.


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