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Why Cruis-e-zine?

Having served in this industry for nearly two decades, I always felt a need for a brief but consistent & neutral newsletter which would cover developments of not just a few but most cruise lines & cruising destinations. A newsletter which could provide important news & destination updates pertaining to cruising, passengers experiences, new ship launches, new routes and new promotions from various cruise lines in a concise format on a monthly basis. CRUIS-E-ZINE is a sincere, NOT FOR PROFIT BUT FOR EDUCATION, instrument & unlike any other newsletter, it shall not carry any advertisements or paid reviews and shall be totally product neutral. The content of CRUIS-E-ZINE shall be gathered with a focus on news related to cruise industry but presented in a format keeping its relevance for Indian cruise passengers as well as the travel intermediaries. CRUIS-E-ZINE is intended to be kept purely on an E-format with a corresponding website supporting this initiative shortly. Please do share your feedback on an ongoing basis at

Nishith Saxena
Founder & Director
Cruise Professionals

Cruis-e-zine Jan 2015
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Cruis-e-zine Feb 2015
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Cruis-e-zine Mar 2015
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Cruis-e-zine Apr 2015
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