Cruises in Alaska – Discover The Great Land’s Glaciers and Abundance of Wildlife

Ever wondered how Alaska got its name?? Well, it’s derived from the (Aleut) native language word “alyeshka” which means “The Great Land” for its immense scale and grandeur, as well as for the respect of native inhabitants towards the land. This northern frontier still boasts pristine landscapes, majestic wildlife and a coastline that is one of the most enthralling waterways in the world. With more than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, Alaska is truly a land of epic proportions. By any measure Alaska is a huge, spectacular and incredibly diverse land, one of the last and greatest unspoiled wildernesses on Earth.

  • Cruising Waters Gulf of Alaska    Time Zone  GMT -09:00 / GMT -08:00 in Day Light Saving
    Bordering Countries  USA & Canada    Major Airports Anchorage, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport 
    Alaska Capital Juneau   Fairbanks, Fairbanks International Airport
    Alaska Area 1.718 million sqkm   Juneau,  Juneau International Airport
    Population 741,894 (2016)   Famous Glaciers  Mendenhall Glacier, Hubbard Glacier, Margerie Glacier 
    Spoken Languages English 86.3%; Alaska Native languages 5.2%; Tagalog 3.4%; Spanish 2.9%; Others 2.2%   Major Ports of Call Vancouver, Seattle, Ketchiken, Juneau, Skagway, Anchorage
    Widely used Currencies  USD & Canadian Dollar   Best Experiences View of Glacier Calving, Dog Sledding, Bear viewing, Whale Watching and many more



    Cruises in Alaska are available from early May to late September; but June and July months are best due to optimum weather and daylight.

    Best Months  Min. temperature Max. Temperature What to expect?
    MAY 4ºC | 39ºF 13ºC | 55ºF Weather is cooler and you can expect beauty of spring flowers and big waterfalls.
    JUNE & JULY 8ºC | 46ºF 17ºC | 62ºF Weather is warmer and these are longest days of year. You can enjoy best bear views during this time and indulge in sumptuous Salmon.
    AUGUST 6ºC | 42ºF 15ºC | 59ºF Weather is cooler and rainier sometimes. This month is the best to experience berry picking in Alaska.
    SEPTEMBER 5ºC | 41ºF 12ºC | 53ºF Weather is cooler and rainier and nights starts getting darker. Cruising season ends by 3rd week of this month. 
  • Cruising in Alaska is a life time experience. For sure you would like to make it perfect by selecting the best suitable route. There are many different type of itineraries and one may get confused between which one is best for you. To help you with better understanding of each route and how they are different from each other; below are the routes explained by our Cruise Experts.

    7 Days Roundtrip Seattle OR Vancouver | Inside Passage

    This "roundtrip" itinerary makes it a very popular cruise vacation because of the convenient flight schedules in and out of Seattle OR Vancouver. The Inside Passage is popular for spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, vivid Native cultures and astounding history. Alaska's Inside Passage is an area that makes up the Southeast Region of Alaska. You will visit 3 or 4 Alaska ports of call which would be either Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, sometimes Haines, Icy Point Straight & Sitka. You will normally spend a full day in each port of call allowing you to sample the local community or take any number of exciting excursions including trekking on glaciers, a helicopter ride, city bus tours, whale watching, fishing and more.

    7 Days Northbound | Voyage of the Glaciers (From Vancouver to Anchorage)

    As the name suggests ‘Northbound’, your journey will be from South to North i.e. starting from Vancouver till Anchorage. This journey is one-way through the Gulf of Alaska and you can expect greatest abundance of glaciers, mountains, scenery and wildlife. This itinerary of Princess Cruises will give you opportunity to spend more days in Alaska ports or cruising through Glacier Bay National Park and College Fjord along with regular ports of calls: Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.

    7 Days Southbound | Voyage of the Glaciers (From Anchorage to Vancouver)

    This journey is similar to Northbound but as name changes to Southbound you will travel from North to South i.e. starting from Anchorage till Vancouver. Princess Cruises Itinerary route for southbound journey is slightly different than northbound; as College Fjords is replaced by Hubbard Glacier followed by Glacier Bay National Park.   

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