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Alaska, the “Great Land” is the 49th state of United States of America. It is the largest state by area, and the least densely populated in the United States. The vast land of Alaska is home to an impressive one-half of all U.S. National Park land and also boasts of 17 of the 20 highest mountain peaks of U.S.


This is a land mass without fences where animals outnumber people, sunlight shines at midnight and nature reigns. Life is different….!!


This northern frontier still boasts of pristine landscapes, majestic wildlife and a coastline that is one of the most enthralling waterways in the world. Beyond Alaska's fortress-like glacier walls lie scenic ports of call, treasured national parks, and abundant wildlife. And, with more than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, it's truly, a land of epic proportions.


Alaska’s ice-age glacial formations, thought of as static and motionless, are very much alive, active and powerful. Winding down from mountains and fjords, these massive rivers of ice are often on the move, some dropping their bounty into the sea. The process is known as "calving," and some tidewater glaciers shed enormous chunks of ice several times an hour.


“What better way to explore this northern frontier than on a cruise or even better with a combination of cruise & land tour” anytime between May till September each year.


An Alaska cruise vacation offer some of the most spectacular sights and sounds while cruising the glaciers of College Fjord, Tracy Arm Fjord, Hubbard Glacier or the Glacier Bay National Park. You always stand a chance to view the diverse wildlife from hump backed Whales, sea lions, otters, eagles, black bears and an incredible diversity of seabirds. To make the experience unforgettable, an onboard naturalist is always on hand on select cruise ships to offer insights into each new sighting.


Best time to go cruising in Alaska– May till September


Cruise Line to Sail with in Alaska - Princess Cruises ® - the “Best Cruise Line in Alaska” by readers of Travel Weekly, 2007-2012.


Average Temperature: The average temperature in Alaska ranges between 8 Degree Celsius till 15 Degree Celsius depending on the port of call.